"We can adapt!"

He authored the World Bank report 'Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change', the most authoritative study thus far on the costs of adaptation in developing countries.

Professor Gordon Hughes estimate: anywhere from 70 - 100 billion US dollars a year, depending on the climate scenario you choose. "Quite affordable, really." In at the deep end with Hughes and World Bank executive Julia Bucknall.

We both look at the environment as a driver for human welfare

Old friends meet. Enjoying the view from the 23rd floor, Gordon Hughes and Julia Bucknall swap news and memories. "Lucerne: superb!" "Did you see ..." Both are economists and very British. Rumour has it that she used to be his student. "No, not exactly. But Gordon and I did work together for the World Bank in Eastern Europe, helping countries to comply with EU environmental regulation. And much of what I know I did learn from him." Nowadays Bucknall is a read more »

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This is an abstract of an article, published in the magazine Deltas in times of climate change.

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Julia Bucknall
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Professor of Economics,University of Edinburgh