Deltas in Times of Climate Change

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"We can adapt!"

Gordon Hughes: the charming messenger behind the seemingly grim report

He authored the World Bank report 'Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change', the most authoritative study thus far on the costs of adaptation in developing countries. Professor Gordon Hughes' estimate: anywhere from 70 - 100 billion US dollars a year, depending on the climate scenario you choose. "Quite affordable, really". In at the deep end with Hughes and World Bank executive Julia Bucknall.
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Combating salinity

Slurry walls, infiltration wels and brackish water

Climate change, salinization and freshwater scarcity are significant threats to Delta areas around the world. A variety of concepts are being developed and pilot projects implemented to deal with water shortages. "Do not ignore the fact that this is happening", says Professor Gerard Galloway, a researcher at the University of Maryland, USA. "You have to be ahead of the game".
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Turning the tide

Land subsidence and sea level rise

Of the 33 major deltas in the world, 24 are sinking as a result of land subsidence and rising sea levels, and 28 have experienced severe flooding in recent years.In Asia coastal villages are being abandoned as people move further inland. Climate change is compounding these risk factors.
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Nature's technology

Deltas are economic and environ-mental hot spots. They are very fertile, strategic sites with rich ecosystems. But deltas are vulnerable to flooding and drought, especially in the face of climate change. Deltas the world need new solutions to help prevent flooding and drought. Natural climate buffers are a cheaper option than hard engineering. Interest in natures technology is growing in many countries.
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